Indoor RV Parks- Soon to be A Reality

Perhaps you’ve heard about the “oil boom” happening in North Dakota. Basically, the work that’s being offered by drilling companies¬†is causing workers to flock to the praries for jobs. It’s almost reminisent of the Old West gold rush.

So,¬†lodging for the barrage of workers in the form of RV’s, small trailers, and other temporary housing is popping up over there and being called “man camps”. There is actually a housing shortage there.

An enterprising contractor has come up with an idea to make the whole RV living experience for the influx of workers not just better for the workers, but also more palatable for the communities hosting the camps. The indoor RV parks in ND are a model for something that may be implemented in other places all over the U.S. eventually.

These buildings will each hold about 240 RV’s and are constructed in such a way as to keep fires from spreading, be vervy sanitary, and safe. For more, read the interesting article below. If you’re looking to head out that way yourself, and are in the market for an affordable used Camper, RV, or Travel Trailer, Check this out.

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